marketing survey for fursuit faux fur market. It'll be a few months before I can do anything with it, but I'd like to get it touched up and put out. Feedback is appreciated, but feel free to answer it, I'll probably start seeing about putting it elsewhere towards the end of the week.

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I was with a sci-fi crew and Doc and Marty, using my super smart-phone to decrypt an ancient alien message while powering it by inducting off a high voltage line. I also had super fast moves to protect it from lightning, which really wasn't necessary. Kind of crazy dream.

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Things I might yet do with my dog:

Last one is a new one on me, but apparently it's also fairly new to the US. It requires a bit more equipment than others to train on, but not as much as agility. Now that we're getting more done on obedience, it's time to start looking at that stuff.

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Crazy dreams. Alternated between shuffling around pallets having something to do with a quantum mechanical thing that led to a naturally radioactive school, not because of materials but just architecture, with watching a fascinating version of My Little Pony. Little pony gets sent to a private tutor whom she thinks is going to be a scary old crony type, but ends up more like a Marry Poppins on rainbow steriods. There were also the weird people living in the building with her. Sounded quite interesting. The opening song started with a dark room with the young pegasus looking in a window/door, and as soon as it opened everything went from dark and creepy to bright and funny as she went around and introduced everyone in the apartment building.

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Yeah, we got a couple of trailers we leave at the dock for storage because the dock isn't big enough, one even has it's tires off. So, we've been cleaning them out and this morning we found two headstones. One had a guy's name on it who died in 2005. Long before the current management of the terminal got in, but how do you miss a 70+ lb $500+ hunk of granite for seven years? Shouldn't surprise me though, we had a few things in another trailer. Ah well, we got the 8 hours in.

Happy easter

Hope you enjoyed using pagan symbolism to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ Our Lord. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Someone set me up the job!

So I bothered to look it up, and the txt I sent out had a screwed up meme. I said "I has the bomb" and was wondering about the lol and no one getting the response. Silly me. Still, I have a job now, graveyard shift for a trucking company shuffling pallets around on trailers.