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Tales from a Wanderer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Delron Draconis

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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2012|07:40 pm]
Delron Draconis
Too funny.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2012|10:59 am]
Delron Draconis
I have to laugh. God makes sure things work out. Class on Tuesday night conflicts with recovery meeting. Last few weeks I've been skipping part of class to go, and it's been a good thing. But, the recovery class is moving to Thursday. No more conflict, and I think it's fine to be late to the informal "build session" where she works with students doing school projects, which is also when I've been working on the Tesla coil. But then last night she said after spring break that would be moving to Friday nights. I'll probably not go every night, since there are church activities sometimes, but everything fits together better that way. I also dropped one class and finished another(only ran part of the semester), so I have even more time to look for jobs.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2012|08:52 pm]
Delron Draconis
got the school coil working, so here's me playing around a bit. There will be a few better videos once a better camera is aquired that can do sound properly, and when we get it retuned to produce a better spark.

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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2012|10:52 am]
Delron Draconis
The Battle of Athens, Tennessee.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2012|10:04 pm]
Delron Draconis
Working out in the garage has been a separation exercise for Colt. I've been neglecting his separation anxiety, and it's cost. Yesterday he chewed up the gear shift in the Baja, and today he tore up part of the back seat. He'd have done similar to the apartment though if I'd left him at home, so it's debatable which is better getting chewed up. One of the books I have finally explained a bit more of the problem, and confirmed what I was suspecting, but few other sources talked about--the affection level has things to do with it, and doing things to reduce that can help with separation anxiety. I knew there was more to it than simply "leave him alone for gradually increasing amounts of time."

School on the other hand has been going as well as it can without books--no money, no books, but I have a small job this weekend, and more coming this month, hopefully I'll get more later. I do need to find out what's going on with my GI bill though. With full time school, that's the most important.
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2012|10:29 pm]
Delron Draconis
Last two months have been a big pain. I'd have thought that I'd be able to find a job within two months, but nope, not at all. So, I have until the first before money comes in, and some of that is already accounted for. I was really hoping to get Colt into lessons of some sort by now, but every single freaking opportunity gets totally screwed up. It seems like I'm not meant to learn from someone how to train him properly.

I had a physical meeting with the guy at the business incubator, he likes the idea of a fab lab, provided it would work out. I'd love to work on that, but it's not paying the bills right now.

I'm going to go ahead and call one of the janitorial service places, see about getting that. It'll work around my schedule reasonably well, and pays better than fast food. Other things would be preferred, but I'm at my wits end now.
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2011|12:57 pm]
Delron Draconis
Looking at a kickstarter to get my fabbersmith thing started. Problem is, which project would make a good thing for that, while paying for everything I need? I need "donation incentives" that aren't too monetized(rules about how to repay donors), and I'm looking at three projects.

RC tank doesn't have much to pay back. I suppose I could make some parts for people, but there's a very limited market for that.

Tacofab makes tacos, and at a high enough level, I could even make more machines, but about all I could offer for incentives is coupons for free tacos, and that would be of limited value if the machine is here in Wyoming, and other people are across the country.

The furfab I think is the most promising in this regard, with reasonably easy incentives:
"faux pelts," self explanatory, fursuit coupons(I make the fur for your preferred maker), and maybe something like a jacket with a desired fur pattern on it, but with this I'd be able to line things like tiger stripes up for the seams.

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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2011|08:34 pm]
Delron Draconis
About finished with the first week with the dog, and the first week of messes. Surprisingly, he's been pretty good about toiletry in the house, except when tearing up toilet paper(three rolls so far). That and the mystery of the crate.

He's got bad separation anxiety, at least at the apartment. For some reason he's fine when waiting in the car, but heaven forbid if I leave him at home. It'll take time to work on that, and his jumping issues might be partly resolved by working that out. I need him reasonably kid friendly to take him down home for Thanksgiving.

I've been moving back to god recently, and it's felt good. Apparently Colt has been part of that. I had a branch in the path back in Florida, and I think this was probably the better choice to make now. I've always been a bit spiritual, and the void I'd had for months was disturbing. Surprisingly, Colt is part of this--I'm not sure how he brings the Spirit into the house, but his presence has helped me much, despite our issues. Had a good cry last night after one too many small things, and felt much better afterwards. Felt like up was the only way to go.

The apartment is small, but a decent rate for the area. It has an attached garage too, with enough room for a very small shop. I can get things going from here while working on school and work and debt. Some training for the pup and a girlfriend, and I'll be cool.
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2011|03:08 pm]
Delron Draconis
New job is making bank. I might stay if they do indeed get the second shift started on time and cut us down to 8 or 10 hours.

Paying bills off pretty quick, and organizing mental list of stuff to buy later. Having money is good.

Tried online dating, getting mixed results--

The paid site seems to be worth it, since that's where women seem actually interested, and will send messages. Chat client(or lack thereof for linux) sucks though. Other sites seem kind of worth it, and seem better in some ways, but no bites yet, still browsing for something that hits me.

People type on computers like they're txting or twitting? Twits. Impress me by showing you're not too lazy to actually type "you" when you're not limited(not that txts are limited much either anymore with multiples).

Things are actually happening though, which is good.

Ran my first programs on the mill at school this week. Screwed one up, but oh well. CNC code is interesting to learn, and it's surprising just how much can be coded by hand.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2011|05:48 pm]
Delron Draconis
Got better job--15 an hour at 55+ hours a week makes for a happy kunkmiester. Most of the consumer debt should be done by Christmas, leaving me much better for buying house, working on getting stuff and school needed for business, etc. later. Heck, I might be able to start building my Momus machine next month. Need to buy new computer, find good CAD software, etc. too though.

Last weekend was good--went up to the Black Hills, hung out with some friends, made some new ones, and did some thinking. Forgot my scriptures, but still got a bit of inspiration which helped settle some things in my mind. Resolve is another issue, as well as person skills.

Been dissatisfied with being single. Figuring out how to meet a girl interested in me though seems the problem. I'm seriously considering counseling for the social anxiety, especially now that I have a job that could pay for it even with other bills. Just not sure if it's worth it, and there's so much else that'll take money, at least for now.

In the mean time, furmeet tonight, and I need a shower.
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